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Time Off in Tanzania

Last month, we traveled to Africa - part sourcing trip, part holiday. The truth is we’re never not working. We're constantly finding inspiration in our surroundings, and our down-time in Tanzania was no exception. The Serengeti, and the journey to get there, offered up countless vignettes of classic, and sometimes unexpected, East Africa.

Scenes of women wearing vibrant wax print textiles while sitting on the side of the road next to baskets of bananas, carrots and other colorful produce. A Maasai man riding his bicycle down the road with his red plaid shuka blowing in the wind. Lions rolling on their backs like house cats before falling asleep in the warm sun, paws up. It’s a world away from our laptop and smartphone-centric lives back home.

We wanted to share the magic that is Tanzania to spark a little wanderlust and inspire some design ideas for your home. We love the mix of natural materials, bright hues, and tribal elements that connect us with the culture of a far-off world. To help you bring some of that African spirit to your space, we're doing a giveaway!

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY:  We’re giving away 2 of our African wax print pillows! Head over to the Clover Instagram feed and look for our post from 3/16 for details. Winner announced 3/21/16.

All photos courtesy of:  Samantha Petrie

Lioness hunting at dawn in Serengenti, Tanzania

Woven baskets + Ndjamena wax print pillow

Pair of cheetahs on road in Serengeti, Tanzania

African mask + Maasai at sunset + African beaded chair

 View of Serengeti with pool

Natural woven basket lights

Zebra with baby & sunrise in Serengeti, Tanzania

3 male lions in Serengeti, Tanzania

Black + white wall painting

Giraffe in road in Serengeti, Tanzania

Maasai with cattle near Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania


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