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Clover Loves - September


We're launching a new monthly feature - Clover Loves - to share our favorite things in the world of global style, culture, Clover, and more.  Curated by me, Sam Petrie, the founder of Clover, each list is meant to inspire and hopefully introduce you to a few great things not currently on your radar. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear what’s inspiring you in the comments below.

Clover Loves - Suitcase magazineClover Loves - Harlowe James blog

Clover Loves - Playing in the Studio

Clover Loves - African Wax Prints

Clover Loves - NPR Podcast 'How I Built This'Clover Loves - Liza Giles paintings



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  • Bridget on

    LOVE this series! x

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