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How to Style a Throw Blanket


Have you ever seen a beautiful throw blanket or textile and thought - I love this, but how can I style this in my home? We’re here to give you some ideas on how to style like a designer.

    Throws are a great way to add color, pattern, texture and layers to a room. In the winter, it’s common to have a couple of cozy wool or cashmere blankets, but spring and summer provide opportunities to switch to lighter weight fabrics like cotton or linen. Switching up materials and colors allows you to utilize throws as stylish decor elements any time of year. 

    For a neat, structured approach in a sitting area or bedroom, try folding length-wise and using the following placements:

    • Drape over the center of a chair & place pillow on top
    • Drape over the center of a sofa, or over side arm of sofa or chair.
    • Use the full length of the throw to cover the seat.
    • Drape horizontally over the top of a sofa & add pillows
    • Drape across the end of a chaise, an ottoman or wooden bench
    • Fold or roll & place in a basket
    • Hang on a bamboo ladder leaning against the wall - this looks great with several throws and/or textiles
    • Fold & lay across foot of the bed - either draped over the foot or neatly aligned with the edge
    • Centered & draped over a headboard

    For a more laid-back look, try the following - this may take a few tries to get the perfect pooling of fabric:

    • Drape loosely over chair back, arm, sofa & style with pillows
    • Drape loosely across bed
    • Hang on a visible hook or coat rack for color, pattern - add hats, bags & other items to give a lived-in look. 
    • Hang on wall as art either framed or unframed - or try hanging on a curtain rod behind a bed or sofa



    Throw blanket over sofa arm - from Lovely Delight Tumblr Striped throws over chairs - from MyDomaine

    Indigo throw on sofa back - from Old Brand New blogIndigo throw on sofa from My Domaine

       Throws rolled neatly in basket

    Throw blanket with layered pillows from Amber InteriorsThrow folded neatly over ottoman from Better Homes & Gardens

    Throw over foot of bed - House & Garden Magazine UK  Throw draped over sofa arm - Apartment TherapyIndigo throw draped over safari chair with pillow - Clover   Tensira indigo throw draped on bed Throw over pillow on chair & over ottoman - Amber Interiors

    Image sources left to right, top to bottom: Lovely Delight Tumblr, MyDomaine, Old Brand New blog, MyDomaine, Amber Interiors, Better Homes & Gardens, Clover Artisans, House & Garden Magazine UK, Apartment Therapy, Amber Interiors, Clover Artisans, Envie Spacio Vitale blog

    See these ideas in action below and more ideas on our Pinterest board.





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