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How to Style Batonga Baskets


Our handwoven Batonga baskets from Zimbabwe have been a designer favorite from the start. They add a wonderful natural warmth to a room with their earthy textures and handmade designs. These baskets can be styled in a number of ways depending on your room, space available and budget.

Here are a few ways we love to see them styled:

  1. Clustered on a wall. Make a statement with a large group of baskets in various sizes on a tall wall or spread them out horizontally over a sofa or bed. 
  2. Perfectly organized.  Have a thing for perfectly straight lines, organization and maybe a little OCD? Try grouping 4 baskets of the same size in a perfect square or place 2-3 in a straight line.
  3. Shelfie style. Place a single basket on a built-in bookcase or on a kitchen shelf along with other objet for the perfect vignette.
  4. Tabletop.  While we love hanging these beauties, don't overlook simply placing one a table or kitchen countertop as an accent piece.
  5. Utilitarian.  The unique designs of each basket make us sometimes forget that we can actually use them to hold things like fruit on a table or as a catch-all in an entryway.



Check out a few of our favorite images of Batonga baskets styled at home. We'd love to hear how you use your baskets in the comments below.



Batonga basket on coffee table via Harlowe James   Batonga baskets in over beds


Batongas over bench in hallway  Batonga baskets in dining room


Batonga basket over kitchen sink  




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