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Why Every Home Needs a Turkish Towel

You might say that ancient Turkish culture perfected the art of bathing rituals. Hammams are widely popular in Turkey, and Turkish bath towels have been used as cover-ups for visiting these public baths for centuries. Who doesn’t love a good bath anyways? And, who doesn’t love curling up in a perfect towel afterwards?


Towels should be a self-indulging experience. They’re the barrier that protects you from the cold world otherwise known as the rest of your apartment/house after leaving the cozy confines of your bathroom. If you’re like me, you’re known to spend a prolonged period of time wrapped in a towel post-bath haste just to luxuriate in that simple comfort. I must also note that the same goes for throw blankets - basically anything that you can swaddle yourself with.

The first time I ever used a Turkish bath towel I felt pampered and effortlessly chic. These towels are made of 100% cotton, they are hand-woven, lightweight, absorbent and quick-to-dry. They are perfect for travel or your home and are more stylish than their traditional counterparts. We're having a moment with them right now, and if you’ve never used one, you’re missing out on some exquisite post-bath pampering.

Clover’s line of Turkish towels are high quality and can be used in a number of different ways. Let’s say you’re headed out for an afternoon at the park, pack one of these towels for the perfect blanket to lay down on. If you’re at the beach or pool, wrap one around you as a sarong for a stylish post-swim look. Most importantly, these towels are easy to take care of and known to become softer with washing. Their thin material makes them easy to fold-up or roll-up and pack away in your bag without the bulk or fuss.



Here’s how we love to use our Turkish towels:

Image from Pinterest

Bath towel - Soft absorbent cotton & perfect for traveling. Folds down or rolls up without taking up too much room in your bag. Unlike traditional towels, Turkish towels wrap around you for the ideal post-shower cover-up.

Blanket - Lay it down at the beach or park, for impromptu spreads. You can even use it as a throw while relaxing on your sofa. Take it along while you’re traveling on planes, trains or long car rides for those moments when you just might need a nap.

Image from Escape Travel

Sarong - As a chic beach/pool coverup, because they’re effortless, big enough and make a statement.

Image from @SurfShackBook

Scarf, wrap or headscarf - Wrap it around your neck or shoulders for a breathable scarf and cover-up in the fall/winter. Carry it with you while you’re traveling in conservative countries or to cover your shoulders or head if you’re visiting a church or mosque.

Image from Harlowe James

Table cloth - Layer over another table cloth to add a pop of color or texture.

If you’re towel enthusiasts like us, in the market for one that will elevate your bath decor or just looking for a multi-purpose throw, a Turkish towel is perfect for you. How will you use your Turkish towel?





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