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    Rattan Basket Bag

Rattan Basket Bag

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This natural woven rattan basket bag, called “anjat” in Borneo, is the perfect laid-back island-chic accessory. Use it as a carryall at the beach or as a decorative accent piece on a shelf or hung on a wall.


  • Approx 7" wide x 14" tall
  • Rattan with cotton string & coconut shell toggles
  • Handmade in Indonesian Borneo
  • No two pieces are identical - the one you receive may not exactly like the one picture

As with many cultures, weaving traditions runs deep in Borneo. Natural rattan, harvested in the jungle by the men, has been used in weaving utilitarian objects used in daily life due to its strength and durability. After harvest, the rattan is laid in the sun dry for several days, before it’s stripped into pieces. Women do most of the weaving and learn from the older generation as it’s been done for centuries.


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