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    Batonga Baskets - Small XIV

Batonga Baskets - Small XIV

$ 80


These handwoven baskets from Zimbabwe are a striking addition to any style of home decor. Natural and earthy, the raw material details add a textural element to a room. Hang several in a group on the wall or use a single basket on shelf or table for a natural accent piece.

Available in very limited quantities due to the difficulty in exporting goods from Zimbabwe because of the country’s current political situation.


  • Size: 11" diameter x 3" deep
  • Color: natural & dark brown
  • Material: wild grass
  • One of a kind
  • Handwoven in Zimbabwe by the baTonga women

Artisan & Story:

The rich tradition of basket weaving is seen throughout Africa with each country producing a unique style. These baskets are beautifully handwoven by the baTonga women in remote northern Zimbabwe. Every basket is unique and an artistic expression of its creator. Weaving skills are passed down from mother to daughter in communal groups where women gather to socialize and weave. Originally used to winnow grain, these baskets are highly sought after outside of Africa for their unique beauty.

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