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    Wave Basket IV handwoven African basket from Bolgatanga, Ghana

Wave Basket IV

$ 140


An eye-catching basket that combines organic lines, geometric patterns and natural materials resulting in a piece that’s simultaneously understated and elegant. Use it as chic storage for throw blankets or towels or let it stand alone as a unique decorative object.


  • Size: 17.5” wide x 12.5” high
  • Color: natural & black
  • Material: wild grasses
  • Handwoven in Ghana

Artisan & Story:

The rich tradition of basket weaving is seen throughout Africa with each country producing a unique style. These fair trade baskets are beautifully handwoven by the talented women in Bolgatanga in northeast Ghana. Weaving skills are passed down from mother to daughter in communal groups where women gather to socialize and weave. These wave baskets are a more modern design dreamt up by members of the cooperative using traditional weaving techniques.

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