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    Large Juju Hat in white with brown & tan edge

Juju Hat - Brown, Tan & White

$ 375


A stunning white Juju hat with a border of dark brown and tan feathers.  Mix with solid-colored Jujus for a dramatic effect or hang as as a bold accent piece.


  • Size: approx 32” diameter
  • Feathers, raffia
  • Handmade in Cameroon
  • You will receive the exact juju hat pictured here.

Juju hats are feather headdresses worn by tribal chiefs, royal families and other high-ranking members of society during ceremonies of the Bamileke people. The Bamileke live in Western Cameroon and have rich cultural traditions dating back centuries. The more colorful the Juju hat, the higher up in society was the person who wore it. When its owner dies, the hat is passed down to the next in line who will inherit the wealth and status of the deceased.

It is believed that the origin of the name “Juju” hats, called“ Tyn” by the Bamileke, is traced to the African word “djudju” which the Hausa people of northern Nigeria used when referring to an evil spirit. The term “juju” has long since been associated with witchcraft. Each hat is handcrafted from bird feathers which symbolize divinity and prosperity in the Bamileke culture and takes 2-3 days to make.

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