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    San Cristobal Brocade Pillow III

San Cristobal Brocade Pillow III

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This understated and refined throw pillow is woven by Mayan women from Chiapas, Mexico. The white on white brocade with colorful dots lends a chic textural touch to any room. Woven with a traditional backstrap loom using natural cotton, these textiles are a continuation of centuries of weaving tradition that tell a story of a culture and place.


  • 20”x 20”
  • 100% cotton (machine washable)
  • Insert not included
  • Handmade in Chiapas, Mexico

Artisan + Story:

The intricate weaving and refined details of these pillows are the artisanship of El Camino de Los Altos - a weaving cooperative of 130 Mayan women living in the mountains of rural Chiapas, Mexico. The initiative was started by two French textile designers who worked hands-on with the Mayans to enhance their weaving and business skills while preserving ancient textile traditions. As a result, the cooperative members run a self-sustaining business that provides greater income for their children’s education and a better quality of life for their communities, while maintaining their cultural identity through traditional craft.

Textiles have long been a part of Mayan culture dating back more than 2,000 years. Skills are passed down from generation to generation and each textile is a display of the weaver’s expertise and artistic expression. Each community has its own style, symbols and colors that are a unique “textile language” that’s easily recognizable. Traditional backstrap looms are still used today to weave cotton of vibrant colors to create beautiful and detailed textiles that are full of symbolism and cultural relevance.

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