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    Vintage Indigo Dot Pillow from China

Vintage Indigo Dot Pillow I - 22”x22”

$ 175



  • 22” x 22” (recommend 24” x 24” insert)
  • Indigo with flax linen back
  • 100% hand-spun cotton front - dry clean recommended
  • Hidden zipper
  • Insert not included
  • Vintage textile from China

For more than 3,000 years, Chinese people have been making beautiful textiles using a dye-resist process and natural indigo. The method is similar to the creation of mudcloth from Africa (where they use mud) and batik from Indonesia (where they use wax), but in China, the resist material is soybean paste. The design is drawn by hand or stenciled onto the cotton using the soybean paste which will dry and act as a barrier that prevents the indigo from dying the covered pattern. The fabric is then dipped in the indigo vat numerous times to achieve the rich dark color seen here. After the material dries, the bean paste is removed, revealing the pattern below.

Traditionally, these textiles were given to newly-married couples and pregnant women to bring them good luck and prosperity.


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