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    Striped indigo pillow from West Africa

African Indigo Pillow VI - 20"x12"

$ 80 $ 138



  • 20” x 12”
  • Cotton indigo front with linen back
  • Hidden gold zipper
  • Optional down insert
  • Fabric from Ivory Coast
  • Each piece is unique - the one you receive may not be identical to the picture

Indigo originated many centuries ago in India and made its way to Africa through ancient trade routes. A wide range of hues from the palest blue to deep rich blues is achievable by master artisans. Fresh indigo leaves or balls of crushed dried leaves are steeped in vats of wood ash lye in the ground. Dying cotton, silk and other materials is a time-consuming process that takes patience as achieving the desired color may take repeated steeping.

Standing looms are used to weave narrow strips of cotton cloth which are then stitched together to create larger swaths of material. These textiles were worn by men and women as cloth wraps for modesty required by Islam and Christianity which spread to the region through trade routes.

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