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    Shibori Lumbar Pillow IV

Shibori Lumbar Pillow IV - 30"x14"

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  • 30” x 14”
  • Indigo-dyed linen front with natural linen back
  • Goose down / feather insert included
  • Hidden gold zipper
  • Thailand
  • No two pieces are identical - the one you receive may not exactly like the one picture
  • We source these beautiful shibori textiles from a textile studio in northern Thailand that combines traditional and contemporary dying techniques. Using domestically-produced and handspun textiles, in this case, linen, along with natural dyes, each piece of cloth is individually dyed by hand resulting in gorgeous unique textiles.

    Shibori originates in Japan and is a labor-intensive process requiring acute attention to detail and patience. Each pattern has a specific template that is plotted out on the fabric with precision and then stitched with a needle and thread by hand. This stitching process can take up to one week to complete and is the most labor-intensive part of the process. The threads are then pulled tight and only the exposed fabric will absorb the dyes. The material is then submersed in dye vats up to 20 times to achieve the desired depth of color. After, the threads are carefully cut and the pattern is revealed.

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