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About Clover


To “live in clover” means to live the good life, to live in prosperity, to live in comfort. By supporting our artisans’ crafts and communities, we help make it possible for them to live in clover.  

1. ​Our Style: A fresh and timeless aesthetic.

We embrace the free spirit of a modern gypsy and combine it with chic style. In constant pursuit of adventure, culture and discovering the unknown, we travel the globe, near and far, to bring back truly unique designs that embody the spirit of the culture from which it originated.

2. ​Our Purpose: We foster prosperity.

Each piece we offer tells a story about a person, a culture or place and gives you a window into another world. We respect the artisans and their craftsmanship and see them as our partners in this journey. We cherish getting to know them, their culture and their inspiration. By purchasing pieces from the artisans, we are help provide fair market access, fostering economic empowerment.

3. ​Our Promise: We celebrate fine craftsmanship.

Each piece is hand-­selected and expertly ­edited. We focus on natural materials, dyes and processes whenever possible to provide beautifully and responsibly made products to our customers. High­-quality materials combined with centuries­ old techniques, means our luxuries will stand the test of time and provide years of enjoyment.

4. ​Our Passion: We are inspired by the richness of diverse culture.

We relish in the abundance of knowledge, adventure and experience that travel offers. We have a relentless curiosity for the personal stories and diverse cultures that surround us wherever we go. We want to share those stories and experiences through the crafts we discover.