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About the Founder

Passion for travel, quite literally, is in my DNA. Growing up with parents who both worked for PanAm, I was issued my first passport before I could crawl and was enthralled by their tales of traveling to far­off destinations.

My love of travel and learning about different cultures grew stronger over the years, eventually translating into a degree in Art History. After spending more than a decade in the corporate sector, I finally decided to follow my heart and pursue my lifelong dream of traveling the globe.

Venturing through Africa, Nepal, and Southeast Asia deepened my appreciation for the world’s diverse cultures and locales, while further opening my eyes to social inequities that are commonplace worldwide.

Inspired by my adventures, I returned home to build a business that celebrates cultural diversity and supports artisans and their communities around the world. I hope you enjoy receiving a glimpse of their lives through their beautiful, handcrafted designs. - Samantha Petrie