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Hand-selected by our founder, Samantha Petrie, while traveling the world, each piece in our collection chic home goods provides a glimpse into its native culture and the artisan who created it.

Whether it’s a traditional Moroccan rug or a contemporary indigo textiles from West Africa, our products possess a timeless, fresh aesthetic that is both rooted in cultural heritage and reflective of modern style. Common threads throughout our diverse assortment are high-­quality, natural materials, eco-­friendly dyes, and hand-­craftsmanship.

Our artisans range from indigenous people continuing centuries-­old crafting traditions to urban dwellers approaching their designs with a modern eye. We develop on-going relationships with our partners and support them and their communities by ensuring each item we sell has been ethically-sourced and that its creator is fairly compensated.


Salaheddin Glass Blowing in Syria
Woman weaving Batonga basket