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    Treko makun wool throw in black and white flecked

Treko Makun Wool Throw - Black & White Flecked

$ 400

The perfect blend of cozy and chic, these heavy wool blankets are a heavier version of our other wool throws from Chile. Thick handspun yarns of un-dyed sheep's wool are masterfully woven into gorgeous heirloom-quality blankets. Their soft texture and organic hues are impossible not to love. This extra-thick blanket can also be used as a runner with a non-slip rug pad underneath.


  • Size: 30” x 92” including fringe, 5/8" thick
  • 100% handspun & handwoven sheep's wool
  • Natural un-dyed wool
  • Handmade in Chile by Treko
  • Each piece is unique & may not be identical to the one pictured here

Artisan & Story:

TREKO, which means “yarn of wool”, was founded in 2016 by Chilean native, Catalina Marin, who wanted to share and preserve the textile traditions of the artisans of Chiloé, a remote island off the coast of Chile.

The tradition of weaving and knitting has evolved since the arrival of the Spanish to the island, when the importance of these textiles were such that they became an important source of income for the island. These techniques have been handed down from generation to generation within the Huilliche community.

All textiles are made with 100% sheep wool from the island. The process by which these luxurious wool pieces are made starts with shearing the sheep, cleaning the wool in hot water to remove the natural oils of the sheep, drying and spinning the wool into fine threads before hand weaving into unique textile patterns and textures.

No chemicals are in the production of the textiles. Only natural dyes are used including leaves, barks, roots, branches, moss, and mineral elements.


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