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    Clay Beads with Muslin Tassel

Clay Beads with Muslin Tassel

$ 160


Simultaneously minimal and luxurious, these clay beads with a muslin tassel are the perfect accent piece on a table or shelf. Place them in a bowl or basket or set atop a stack of books for bohemian-chic style. These beads have a lovely weight to them that's countered by the light airy look of muslin.


  • Size: approx 22" long including tassel
  • Hand-rolled clay, muslin, natural hemp rope
  • Handmade in Australia

These unique home accent pieces are 100% handcrafted in Australia by Harper & Wilde. A boutique brand inspired by natural materials and bohemian chic style that Australians combine so well. Each piece is a work of art that you will treasure for years to come. Not available anywhere else in the U.S. 

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