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    Cotton Throw with Fringe - Gray

Cotton Throw with Fringe - Gray

$ 138


A soft cotton throw blanket with beautiful stripe detail throughout and hand-knotted fringe from a family of master weavers in Mexico. Pale gray cotton is woven across a unbleached white warp creating a lovely soft color. Perfect size for draping over a queen or double-size bed.


  • Size: 60” x 80” (including 4” fringe)
  • 100% cotton
  • Pale gray 
  • Handwoven in Mexico

Artisan & Story:

These cotton throws were woven by a family in southern Mexico using an upright foot pedal loom. As with many families in this region, weaving has been an integral part of their life for generations for production of textiles to be used for themselves as well as to generate income. A renewed appreciation for hand-crafted items and traditional techniques enables families to earn money to send their children to school, build better homes and strengthen their communities.

Textiles have long been a part of Mayan culture dating back more than 2,000 years. Skills are passed down from generation to generation and each textile is a display of the weaver’s expertise and artistic expression. Originally, backstrap looms were used for weaving, but the Spanish introduced upright looms that were larger and allowed for the production of wider textiles. Backstrap looms are still used today and provide mobility so the weaver can work from anywhere and simply carry the small loom and materials with him or her.


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