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    Bolivian Frazada I

Frazada I

$ 240 $ 320


Our thick warm frazadas add gorgeous color and texture to a room. They make great blankets on a bed or chair, picnic blankets or as a rug when used a pad underneath.


  • Size: 62" x 68"
  • 100% sheep's wool
  • Handmade in Bolivia
  • Vintage + one of a kind (minor imperfections due to age)
  • Dry clean

Artisan + Story:

Frazadas have a long history dating back to pre-Columbian times. Traditionally, they are woven by women in the high Andes using locally-raised sheep’s wool and natural dyes such as cochineal, purple corn and Pacific sea salt. They are made from two textiles woven on narrow backstrap looms that are then sewn together to create a larger piece. These thick wool blankets were used to stay warm in the cold Andean mountains and are still used today as rugs, throws and picnic blankets.


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