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    Blue Glass Trade Beads

Glass Trade Beads - Blue

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Colorful glass trade beads add a playful touch of modern bohemian style to any vignette. Twist different colors together or drape strands over a bowl or tray to add a pop of color.


  • Size: 30” long, beads are 24-27mm in diameter
  • Color: dark blue
  • Material: recycled glass
  • Handmade in Ghana

Artisan & Story:

Trade beads have been a part of African culture for many centuries, originally made from bone, shell and stones. Arab travelers brought glass beads to Africa around 4 B.C. to trade for gold and slaves. Over time, the beads were incorporated into ritual ceremonies for coming of age, marriage, burials and local festivals.

Our beads are made by the Krobo craftsmen of Ghana by pouring finely ground glass into clay molds and baking them in an oven. The cassava leaf stem that is placed in the center of the beads burns up while in the oven, leaving behind a hole with which to string the beads. A centuries-old technique passed down from generation to generation.

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