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    Indigo Batik Lumbar Pillow II

Indigo Batik Pillow II - 24"x12"

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This smaller lumbar pillow looks great when layered with pillows of other sizes or on a solo on a twin bed.  The indigo batik design and handwoven hemp fabric add color and depth.


  • 24” x 12” lumbar
  • Indigo-dyed hemp textile on front
  • Back is solid un-dyed flax linen
  • Hidden gold zipper
  • Handmade textile from Thailand
  • Insert not included (note: this is a standard size insert you can easily find)
  • No two pieces are identical - the one you receive may not exactly like the one picture 
  • Artisan & Story:

    The indigo batik textile on these pillows comes from the Hmong hill tribe in northern Thailand. Hmong live primarily in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam but are believed to have originally come from Tibet and China. They create these traditional textiles using hemp plants that grow in the cool mountains outside of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand.

    Fibers are spun by hand into thread and woven on narrow bamboo looms creating a long length of material. The designs are created using a stamped batik technique whereby hot wax is applied to the fabric using a carved metal or wooden stamp. The material is then dyed in indigo vats, boiled in hot water to remove the wax thereby revealing the design where the wax prevented the indigo was dying the fabric.

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