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    Miao Pillow I - 20”x20”

Miao Pillow I - 20”x20”

$ 175


A stunning pillow made from a vintage black and white textile from the Miao people in China. The beautiful geometric pattern has been stitched by hand in a labor-intensive process. The pillow is in finished with a flax linen back and hidden zipper. An elegant piece for your living room or bedroom.


  • 20” x 20” 
  • Black & white with flax linen back
  • Cotton front & linen back - dry clean recommended
  • Hidden zipper
  • Optional down insert
  • Vintage textile from China
  • The Miao are a minority group that lives in the mountains of southern China where they continue their traditional way of living. Textiles play an important role in their culture as they have for thousands of years. Mothers pass their knowledge down to their daughters who keep the tradition going, although modernization is luring younger generations away from traditional village life to new urban lives.

    Geometric patterns are hand-sewn with fastidious attention to detail - some more intricate than others. Often given as wedding gifts, these blankets are symbols of good luck and prosperity.

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