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    Teak Wood Bowl

Teak Wood Bowl

$ 60


Our teak bowls are beautifully hand-carved from the roots of trees grown in Java, Indonesia. With their organic shapes and warm inviting minimalism, they are a wonderful addition to all styles of home decor. Style with our Clay Beads with Muslin Tassel


  • 12-13” wide x 2-3” high (approx)
  • Pure natural teak
  • Hand-carved in Java, Indonesia

No two pieces are identical & the one you receive may not be the one pictured here. Bowls can be finished with a food-grade wood moisturizer such as linseed oil to darken the bowl and bring out the wood grain.

Wood-carving has a long history in Indonesia, using locally-grown teak trees. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is slow-growing and therefore, very strong, making it more difficult to carve than other woods.  For centuries, this wood has been used to carve masks worn during ceremonial dances and performances. This practice continues today, along with the addition of more contemporary uses of teak.


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